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Delaware Chicks

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Product Details
Hatched: January-September
Egg Production: Good
Egg Color: Brown
Chick Color: Yellow
Adult Color: White with some black on tail and neck
Intended Purpose: Dual (Meat and Egg)
Friendly: Generally
Free Range: Good
Breed True: Yes

The Delaware is an old time American favorite! These birds are known to be hardy and dual-purpose. They grow slightly faster than some of the other egg layer breeds that we hatch. Many people order the males of this variety for meat and the females for eggs. After the hens reach the end of their laying cycle, they are usually used for meat also. These birds are beautiful and one of our favorite breeds to raise. Chicks are mostly yellow with some having brown/black specks. As they mature, they will develop more black coloring on their neck, wings, and tail feathers. Occasionally you will have a hen that is nearly solid white.

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