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Live delivery guarantee:
We guarantee you will receive 100% live delivery of the total amount of poultry you paid for. We typically send extras to insure this guarantee. Extra chicks are NOT guaranteed to be sent, especially in orders consisting of small amounts of several breeds. In the event you received more dead poultry than there may have been extras sent, you will have 24 hours from the time of delivery to notify our hatchery. We will either refund or re-ship chicks in case of deaths, depending upon the quantity that has died. We assume no liability of the continuing health of the poultry and/or the health of the humans and/or other poultry and/or other animals that may come in contact with poultry produced by our hatchery. We assume no liability of your poultry once the 24-hour live delivery guarantee has been met. Most all deaths resulting from shipping will occur within the 24-hour timeline. Occasionally, a customer may receive just a "bad batch" of chicks, and we understand this, therefore we will work with you given we are notified within a decent time frame. Again, extra chicks are NOT guaranteed. If you received extra chicks and they died within 24 hours, we are not responsible for them. In the event you have a loss, please use our Report A Loss page to submit your loss for a credit or replacement.

Sexing of the poultry:
There is a 90% sexing guarantee on any sexed breed(s) of poultry. Any sexing error should be reported to our hatchery within 12 weeks of their hatch date. Images will be required. A refund for the incorrect sexing will be issued or replacement chicks will be sent, depending upon the number of poultry that were incorrectly sexed.
A refund will not exceed the original purchase price of the poultry. Images of dead poultry will be required for a refund; therefore, we recommend to always photograph dead poultry. A refund will be determined by the hatchery and processed accordingly. All refunds for dead poultry must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Refunds are only refunded to the original card that was charged. If your bank information has changed since your order was placed, we usually can mail you a check. We are unable to refund for any shipping charges that were charged. Shipping costs are non-refundable, under any circumstances.
We do not guarantee any of our poultry to be show quality. We breed for egg and meat qualities, while trying to preserve the breed in the best way we possibly can. We select our birds very carefully and breed as closely to the "standard" as possible. Our breeder flocks are large; therefore, it is not likely to receive related poultry. We also purchase some eggs from other breeder farms, eggs and chicks are mixed, and it is possible for you to receive chicks from completely different parent stock. We guarantee you will receive the breed(s) you purchase. Different breeds are hatched in separate hatching baskets. In the event you receive the wrong breed(s) we will refund your account or re-ship the order, depending upon the quantity of poultry.

Shipping dates and delays:
Everyone has heard the saying "Don't count your chickens before they hatch". Our business demands that we not only count our chickens before they hatch, but also to count our eggs before they're laid. Even though we are good at what we do and ship more than 95% of our orders on the date we say we will, it's impossible to know exactly how many chicks will hatch until the day they hatch. We can hatch and ship on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday. We try to ship most orders on Tuesday. If the hatch does not come off as planned and we are unable to fill your order, you will be notified by email or phone of the changes. In the event you are not notified, and your order does not arrive by Saturday after your chicks were scheduled to hatch and ship, please contact us. We may have overlooked your order or the email and phone number we have may not be accurate.

Order cancellation policy:

If you have placed an order with us, we can usually cancel it up to the week before the scheduled hatch date. There is a 10% or $10.00 charge to cancel an order that has been placed with us. Whichever is greatest will apply. The fee will be held out of the refund for the cancellation. Please note that we do reserve the right to cancel an order at our discretion. If we cancel the order at our discretion, we will not charge the cancelation fee. We must have at least a week notice for order cancellations. This cancellation charge will apply on all customer cancelled orders. This fee helps cover website fees, credit card processing fees, some labor cost, as well as other overhead. NOTICE: This fee will increase to 15% or $15.00 on April 01, 2023, and will apply to future and prior orders!

Order change policy:

At this time, we are unable to make any changes to an order after it is placed. It is strongly recommended that you know what you want before you order it. In years past we did make changes up to about a week prior, as long as the birds are available. That has now changed. If you need to make a change to your order it will have to be cancelled and a new order placed.

Minimum order policy:

At any time, we receive an order that does not meet the minimums that we need to safely ship your order, we will contact you by phone and/or email to resolve the issue. If we cannot reach you within three days, the order will be voided, and you will be refunded. We are not required to contact you, but we normally will.

Vaccination policy:

We make no recommendation if a customer should or should not get their birds vaccinated. If Marek's vaccination is selected, it will be administered to the baby chicks at our hatchery prior to being shipped. Vaccinations given by our hatchery may contain a live virus and therefore, it is not recommended to have your poultry vaccinated unless all other poultry on the property are vaccinated as well as any poultry you may order in the future. If you do not have Marek's symptoms on your farm already, we do not recommend purchasing the vaccine in your new poultry. We make no guarantee that the vaccinations will protect your poultry 100% from getting the disease, but it is a good preventative step. Marek's vaccine is an injection and will not be noticeable on the chicks.

Pick-up order policy:

When you select pick-up as an option, you will receive our physical hatchery address for the pick-up. You will receive an email and phone call on the hatch day that lets you know your order is ready for pick-up. Once you receive that email/call, then you are welcome to come to the hatchery any time before 5pm that day. Please make sure you arrive at by 5pm to pick up your order, otherwise you will forfeit your order and not receive a refund for the order. When you arrive at the hatchery you must remain in your vehicle. Someone from the hatchery will bring your order to your vehicle. We assume no liability for your chicks after being picked up. For biosecurity precautions we do not allow tours of the hatchery or foot traffic on the property. Please do not visit our hatchery address unless you have a pick-up order. We currently do not keep extra birds on site regularly and you will be asked to leave. Biosecurity is very strict at our hatchery right now and we appreciate your cooperation as we work to offer pick-up again since being discontinued in 2017.

Minimum orders are as follow:

15 Poultry of any mixture chickens, ducks, and/or guineas!

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