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Black Sexlink Chicks

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Product Details
Variety, Strains or Trade Name: R239
Product: Chicks
Type (Intended Use): Commercial Production Stock (Eggs)

The Black Sexlink offered at Valley Farms Hatchery is not your typical Black Sexlink. We have developed our own line of Black Sexlink chicks that are not the traditional Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock cross. Our Black Sexlink will produce large brown eggs at a rate of 280+ brown shell eggs per hen each year. The hens come into production at around 20 weeks of age. Males of our Black Sexlink grow out really well and can be harvested for meat purposes. Chicks are black in color and may have some brown tint. As adults both males and females are mostly black with white specks in their chest area. If you want something different in your flock, give the Valley Farms Hatchery Black Sexlink a try. You are sure to be pleased with the vigor, feather color, efficiency, and egg production of our Black Sexlink.

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