Our hatchery was founded in 2012 by a 14-year-old teenager named Ryan Kelsey. In the beginning it started with a flock of 25 Rhode Island Reds and a tabletop incubator. Today, we are owned by the same 14-year-old, but now 21, with partner hatcheries around the United States that help us supply you with quality chicks for your family. Since starting the business in 2012, Ryan has graduated high school and college with a degree in Funeral Directing and Embalming, but remains very active in the business.


     Ryan has a small team to help manage the hatchery… basically, his mother and father. His mother and father help care for the breeder birds and ship chicks on hatch days. He has a few friends that also help on hatch days from time to time during the spring. As for the planning, customer service, flock management, order management, advertising, and anything else, Ryan is your man! January-May we usually employ a couple people to help with incoming calls and order taking. It is usually very busy during those times. Ryan does all of this with the hatchery, while serving local families as a Funeral Director and Embalmer during the loss of their loved ones.


     We offer over 130 different breeds of poultry ranging from common egg laying chickens to tiny bantams, rare breed chickens, ducks, guineas, turkeys, and geese. Our amazing Cornish Cross Broilers stand out to many and are available year-round. Many customers have fell in love with our NOVOgen Brown Egg Layers, they are also available year-round. Our largest market is for the average backyard farmer, just looking for a few birds to produce some eggs. Rather you are looking for three baby chickens or 3,000, we have the means to provide you with the best poultry you can buy.

     Our hatchery supplies poultry throughout the United States to small and large family farms. We pride ourselves on having a good quality product at a fair price. When you place an order you can expect that the chicks will be boxed by hand and packaged according to weather and the distance traveled. Our hatchery and partner hatcheries monitor weather conditions closely, before shipping any poultry for that week. Often, we will cover holes in the boxes and add extra straw bedding to make a safer trip for the poultry. The safe and live delivery of your poultry is the key to our success and it is guaranteed. Without safe and live deliveries, we would have been out of business many years ago.

     Our hatchery has a minimum order of just three baby poultry. We are one of the few hatcheries that allows you to mix and match chickens, waterfowl, turkeys, and guineas together to make your order. Most require a minimum of each variety and the different varieties cannot be shipped together. We let you mix and match the different varieties in the same order with absolutely no questions asked! Small orders of 3-14 poultry do have a boxing fee of just $20.00, plus the regular postage. In years past our prices included the postage, but since the postal service has increased prices, we find it more economical on us and our customers to pay postage separate from the price of the poultry. This change has allowed us to lower some chick prices for 2020.


We want to thank all of our past customers and if you are new, we cannot wait to become your new favorite hatchery! Without you, we would not be here and we greatly appreciate you for that!​​



If you have any questions about our hatchery, please call or email us. During spring months, if phone lines are busy, send us an email. We will get back with you as soon as possible!

For more about our hatchery, please see the different articles written about Ryan in the TimesDaily Newspaper and GRIT Magazine.

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