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Our hatchery started out as just a hobby back in 2012. Ryan, who was about 13 at the time, started hatching a few eggs from the chickens his parents had bought him at a local feed store earlier that spring. Ryan started hatching just a few chicks here and there, but quickly realized that he had more chickens than he could take care of. He then placed some ads on craigslist to sell the extra chickens, but accidentally placed the ads in the wrong states. He soon had people from other states calling him wanting the chickens. Later, he learned how to ship them in the mail and became NPIP Certified, shipping his chickens throughout the entire United States. You could say Valley Farms Hatchery started by complete accident!

Our hatchery and breeder farms are NPIP Certified and routinely inspected by the Alabama Department of Agriculture. We maintain our own breeder flocks that are certified Avian Influenza and Pullorum-Typhoid clean. We ship our baby chicks weekly January-November throughout the United States and have good sucess doing so. 


Our hatchery is family operated and we truly mean that. Ryan's mom and dad make a trip every week to collect eggs at the farms. After they get back with the eggs, it's a joint effort to get the eggs trayed up and ready for incubation. Each week we set eggs in our incubators and remove the freshly hatched baby chicks out of the hatchers as a family. While most of the work is kept in the family, we also have some great family friends and seasonal workers that help keep this hatchery working.

We look forward to working with you and being able to supply you with Alabama's finest baby chicks!


Ryan Kelsey

Owner & Farm Manager

Anthony Kelsey

Hatchery Manager

Aleia Kelsey

Office Manager

Kim Kelsey

Support Staff

Caitlin Staggs

Support Staff

Derrick Blackburn

Support Staff

Alysa Young

Support Staff

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