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Easter Egger Chicks

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Product Details
Hatched: January-September
Egg Production: Good
Egg Color: Blue, Green, Olive, Brown, White, Pink
Chick Color: Various
Adult Color: Various
Intended Purpose: Egg Layer
Friendly: Good
Free Range: Good
Breed True: Yes

Easter Egger chickens are known for their various egg colors that range from Green, Blue, Olive, Pink, Brown, and White. Our Easter Egger will produce a variety of feather patterns as well as egg colors. Our Easter Egger strain consist of Ameraucana males crossed with a variety of different female lines. By adjusting the female lines used, we can influence the egg color that the offspring will produce. Adding these chicks to your order will for sure add not only color to your egg basket, but to your flock as well. Hens typically lay 250+ colored eggs per year. Our Easter Egger line will produce a variety of bearded/non-bearded, clean/feather legged, and single/pea comb type offspring. For chicks produced in the 2024 season you can expect mostly green eggs, mostly clean legs, and an undetermined split of bearded/non-bearded and comb types.

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