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Dark Egger Chicks

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The Dark Egger sold by Valley Farms Hatchery is a specialty hybrid produced by our hatchery exclusively. Adults will look similar to a Black Sexlink (traditional) and are color sexable at hatch. Many hatcheries offer a Marans Sexlink similar to ours that is the cross of Black Copper Marans and Barred Rocks, but ours is not the same cross. We use a different male and female line that produces us a dark brown egg layer, that is color sexed at hatch, and produces mostly feather legged chicks. Chicks favor a Black Sexlink (traditional) at hatch, but with feathered legs. Our Dark Eggers are capable of producing 260+ dark brown eggs per hen each year. Eggs, chicks, and adults pictured are off of final hybrids produced in 2024. Each year we are working to make the eggs darker and to improve egg production.

Valley Farms Hatchery has selectively bred the Dark Egger since 2024.

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