At Karla's Kountry Quilts, your memories are our passion! Send us your memory filled shirts and in three to six weeks your memory filled shirts will be returned to you in the form of a quilt!


Take advantage of our special memory quilts that are made 100% of your memories. For our "Custom Memory Twin Quilt" you will need to mail us 24 t-shirts filled with the memories you want in your quilt. Those memories could be grandpa's old shirts, your high school sports team, your favorite college team, or any other memory filled shirts. We turn your memories into a quilt that you can cherrish forever!


The cost of our "Custom Memory Twin Quilt" is just $100.00. The cost includes a polyester lining and backing of the quilt. For just $10.00 more you can upgrade to a cotton lining. Return shipping of the quilt is $10.00.


Once we have your t-shirts in our care they will be labeled with your custom order number and stored in a safe place until our seamstress begins to work! Typically once your shirts are in our care it takes three to six weeks for the return.


If you have any questions about our quilts or would like to speak with us about a custom design, please call Karla at (205)275-0774.


Please send 24 memory filled shirts and a copy of your order to:

Karla's Kountry Quilts

331 Nichols Road

Nauvoo, Alabama 37758

Custom Memory Twin Quilt

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