Sagitta Chicks

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As an alternative to the Cornish Cross, the Sagitta is a slower growing dual purpose meat bird that typically does not have the leg and heart issues of a Cornish Cross. Chicks of this breed are red and can have brown strips on their back. Adults are red in color with some having a few white feathers. The Sagitta is well known for being an excellent meat producer, but the hens can also be retained for egg laying purposes if desired. If females are retained for laying purposes, restricted feed will be required at six weeks of age to prevent them from growing too large too quickly. Females will lay approximately 3-5 brown shell eggs per week. They come into production at around 21 weeks of age. Live weight of males kept for meat production will reach 5.5lbs and females 4.5lbs in just 12 weeks. These weights are based on unlimited feeding. The average feed intake is 25lbs per bird in 12 weeks. These birds tend to have more fat than the Cornish Cross. Limit of 50 males and 50 females per customer per hatch, unless special ordered in advance and egg supply allows.
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