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Amber Sexlink Chick

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Product Details
Hatched: January-May
Egg Production: Excellent
Egg Color: Brown
Chick Color: Yellow
Adult Color: White with some red feathering
Intended Purpose: Egg Layer
Friendly: Generally
Free Range: Excellent
Breed True: No

The Amber Sexlink is one of our favorite brown eggs layers. Adults are mostly white with some red/amber colorations on their wings, back, and neck. Chicks are mostly yellow, with some having light brown stripes on their back. Hens of this variety will produce approximately 275 brown eggs per year. Males of this variety can be utilized as fryers at the age of about four months. The Amber Sexlink does well in a free-range or a coop environment. We have many customers that use the Amber Sexlink on their egg farm exclusively.

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