When I go to checkout, why are there are no shipping options?

When there are no shipping options at checkout, that means you did not meet the minimum order requirements in your cart. Please refer to you minimum order policy located at the bottom of the Guarantees/Info page. Please note what category you have ordered from and that some categories of birds are hatched and shipped on seperate days from seperate locations.

Why did my hatch date get changed from what I selected when I placed my order?

Our online availability is only an estimate. Example: If you place an order for the first week in June for a mixed variety of birds, it is possible the date you selected could vary by a week or two. Maybe even longer, if the variety of birds you ordered are not able to ship together for a while. After you place an order online, the order will go into "Processing" and we examine the order and email you a confirmed ship date within three business days. Sometimes the actual ship date may be before or after your actual desired ship week. We do our best to get as close to the desired date as possible though.

Why did my order status change and what does the status mean?

After you place an order we must examine the order and confirm your ship date. Your order status will depend on numerous factors that can be seen below: AWAITING PROCESSING: When in this status, your order has been placed but we still have not started booking it. In about a day your order status will be changed. When in this status your hatch date is not yet confirmed. This is the status of every order as soon as it is placed. PROCESSING: Usually within a day of placing your order, the status will change to "Processing." When in this status, we physically have your order and are booking your order for a ship date. Your ship date is not yet confirmed until you receive the email confirming it. The Ship Date Confirmation email is usually sent within a business day of the order status changing to processing. Your order will stay in processind until it is shipped. You will get a email notice when your order ships. CANCELLED/WILL NOT DELIVER: This status means that your order has been cancelled for some reason and we will not be shipping your order. Any other status changes should easily be understood. Such as "Shipped" or "Refunded."

How long does delivery take when my order ships?

Your order will arrive at your local post office 1-3 days after shipping. Poultry are shipped USPS Priority Mail or Priority Express Mail. Tracking numbers are not sent with your shipment confimation. You will have to reply to the shipment confirmation email and ask for a tracking number in order to get it.

Will I get a tracking number with my order?

No. Tracking numbers are not sent automatically with the shipment confirmation email. You will need to reply to the confirmation email and we will manually send you a tracking number, if you request it. PLEASE NOTE: Tracking numbers are NOT a reliable way to know when your order will arrive. Most orders are delivered 2 days after shipping. Some orders are delivered the next day and some take three days. Please do not depend on tracking information to be up-to-date and reliable. The best thing to do is be available any day after your order ships, until they arrive. Please call your local post office and let them know to expect live chicks, once you receive your shipment confirmation.

What do I do if some of my birds do not survive shipping?

We never anticipate for an order to have losses, but it can and does happen from time to time. In the event you open your box of poultry and find there are dead birds, please count your live ones. We typically send extras. If you have less live birds than what you paid for please read the next paragraph. 24 hours after your order arrives, you will need to Report A Loss with a final live count. It is always best to send one report with a final live count 24 hours after delivery. Images of the dead birds will be required. We will reply to you and either offer replacements, a refund, or a store credit. We will not offer a replacement for anything less than 15 birds.

I ordered females, but I have some males. What do I need to do?

We guarantee 90% sexing accuracy on all of our sexed female poultry. In the event you have more than 10% males in your sexed female order, please take images of the male birds and email them to us as sales@valleyfarmshatchery.com. This guarantee is good for 12 weeks from the hatch date of the poultry. You must report to us the sexing error within 12 weeks of the birds hatching. We will refund you for the mis-sexed birds.

How do I select a shipping date for my poultry?

You will select a desired shipping date for your order during checkout. There will be a desired ship week field and an alternative ship week field when you enter your shipping address. You will select the dates from the calendar that will pop up there. Please note that our online avaiability will only allow you to select a desired date. Those dates are NOT guaranteed. Actual ship dates may vary.

Can I add to my order?

At this time we can no loger edit an order once it is placed. If you need to make a change, the order will have to be cancelled and a new order placed.

What do I feed my baby poultry?

Baby chickens need a 18-20% protien starter/grower feed. Ducks, Turkeys, and Guineas need a 20-22% protien starter feed. All of this can be bought from your local family feed store. After the birds are feathered and outside, you can usually switch them to a layer pellet or a mixture of feed with corn. Just make sure they are getting the nutrition they need. Do not feed them only corn or "Scratch" feed, unless they are free-ranging. Just scratch feed does not have all the nutrition they need when kept in coops.

What do I need for my chicks when they arrive?

Here is a good check list: 1 - Quart waterer for every 15-25 chicks 1 - 18 hole feeder for every 15-25 chicks 1 - Metal heat lamp for every 15-25 chicks 1 - Red heat light for every heat lamp 1 - Bag of fine pine shaving (do not use newspaper or paper towles, because the chicks will loose footing ang go sparaddle legged) (do not use cedar shavings, it can be toxic to chicks) 1 - Bag chick feed 1 - brooder (brooder can be a large plastic tub, a metal water trough, etc). Allow each chick about .25 square foot of brooder space when purchasing your brooder. **IMPORTANT FOR WHEN THEY ARRIVE** The chicks may arrive shaken up from postal handeling. If they did, please have apple cider vinegar available. You will mix about a half of a cup of this to their water. It will help them overcome the shipping. If the chicks arrived in very bad shape, please administer 2 tsp of sugar to a quart of luke warm water for a few hours. That will help them perk back up from the shipping. **YOUR LOCAL FEED STORE WILL HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR CHICKS. PLEASE VISIT THEM AFTER YOU ORDER YOUR CHICKS AND THEY WILL GET YOU SET UP WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED**

My order should have shipped today, but I did not get a confirmation. What do I do?

If your order was scheduled to go out today, you should get a shipment confirmation by 8-9pm of the day they are scheduled to ship. If you do not get a shipment confirmation by 9pm the day of your order's scheduled ship date, please email us at sales@valleyfarmshatchery.com and we will check on your order. Remember, we are in Central time!

Why did my ship date get changed after I received the confirmed ship date?

This change could be because eggs did not hatch as planned or we did not have enough eggs to set for your order. Rest assured that if your date did get changed, it was due to a lack of chicks or eggs.

Why am I charged for shipping? I thought prices included shipping.

Dear Customer, It is with our deepest regret to inform you that in the 2020 hatching season, we began charging shipping on our order. In the years past our prices were adjusted to include shipping; however, with new postal prices, it is more economical on our hatchery and our customers to pay a seperate cost for the birds and the shipping. With that said, in 2020 you will notice that most chick prices are lower than in the years past, but a shipping charge will be applied at checkout. This charge will vary from $15-$40 or more depending on the quantity of poultry ordered. Most orders of 15-25 chicks will notice a shipping charge of around $15-$20. Larger orders, of course, will see higher shipping prices. Orders of 3-14 poultry will be charged a $20.00 small order fee plus regular postage. Again, this is not something we wanted to do, but we had no choice. Postal rates have changed and they vary more now than ever. If you have any questions, please email us: sales@valleyfarmshatchery.com.